Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Time Stat!

This weekend the boy and I hopped across the street to the home accessory shop Stats which during the holiday season is transformed into an absolute winter wonderland. They must spend hours decorating the place. From a slew of random santas (including drunk and really creepy), a white christmas tree forest, endless rows of christmas ornaments in a room devoted just to them, ginormous elves and chocolate looking toy soldiers, holiday chandeliers and mirrors and my two personal favorites, beachy ornaments and over-sized christmas balls, especially the ones resembling certain golden goose eggs, this place has it all. The holiday music and free cookies were also a nice touch. If you live anywhere close to Pasadena I highly recommend checking it out. Sorry for posting a million pics - I couldn't resist!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Irina Wins!

I just finished watching the Season 6 Project Runway finale and I have to say I was completely blown away. Irina has always been my favorite - even though she's a bit arrogant - but really, when you're that talented I guess you're a little entitled. Her collection was so intricate and well constructed. I'll admit I'm drawn to head-to-toe black and she pretty much had an entirely back collection, but the collection came together perfectly. From the over-sized knits and coats to the cute armor-inspired hats, Irina had me drooling. Her last minute add, the 13th look, was my favorite.

The 13th Look:

Althea was my 2nd favorite. She too featured oversized knits along with a gorgeous pair of silk trousers and yummy leather jackets. She really rocked the street look. I wasn't always impressed with her throughout the season, but she did an amazing job.

I really wasn't that impressed with Carol Hannah's collection. I was a bit disappointed because I thought she did a good job throughout the season. To me many of the pieces were boring and unflattering. Also the collection just wasn't cohesive. She had way too many different looks and styles going on. A few of the pieces I liked:

You can view all of the looks and even bid to buy here:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


All. for. under. $40.

New Blog Obsession

Be sure to check out - offering great fashion tips and finds, amazing Polyvore sets, street style features, and tons of eye candy - this is a blog not to miss!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I'm selling these amazing wedges from for $160.00. They're a size 7, never worn. I'm selling because they're too small for me. They're absolutely gorgeous.

For more pics:

Saturday, November 7, 2009

you read my mind

Soo the other day I'm in my car and for some reason I'm thinking about the styles I wore in high school, which was obv a long time ago and the clothes I wore are really nothing special to remember, but I did recall my love for overalls and how I tried to revive them numerous times. I honestly have always loved them and I'm always searching for them at thift stores, but can never find any! I began to really miss the comfort of them and how cute they made me feel and I began to imagine what it would take to bring them back in style and how they could be reinvented for today's fashion savvy. I thought I was pretty alone with this wish when I went on tonight only to find TA DA! a blurb ALL about bib overalls making a comeback on the runways! Could it honestly be happening?! I seriously almost fell over especially because only a few days ago I was praying for it. Thanks for listening fashion gods! (especially you - in order of pictures - Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Chloe, Louise Gray, Altuzarra, Cynthia Steffe, L.A.M.B., Charles Anastase, Nicole Farhi)