Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Product Review

The other week I received an email from the kind people over at offering to send me a HANAair Professional Hair Dryer, "The Premier Hair Dryer." is an amazing online retail website that offers beauty products such as hair dryers (, flat irons (, curling irons, and hair, makeup, and skin care at awesome prices. The website is great as it lists favorite and popular products along with beauty tips and trends.

Of course I gladly accepted and within less than a week I received the most beautiful package in the mail. Not only did I receive the HANAair Professional Hair Dryer (which by the way retails at $314.99, but offers on-sale for $194.94!) but I was also sent other goodies as well along with a hand-written note and beautiful packaging...

Paul Mitchell Intense Moisture Daily Shampoo & Super Skinny Daily Treatment and some cute rose potpourri!
Gorgeous packaging with great customer service in mind
Also received: two cute satin bags of hand sanitizer and emery boards, an adorable stuffed monkey snuggling body scrub, and a hot pad for my flat iron
Along with the concentrator attachment, a small bottle of Hanna Shine Shield Thermal Protectant was also included!

The dryer itself is really quite amazing. Here are a few details listed on

Adjustable Heat2 Fan Speeds
3 Heat Settings
Plus Cold Shot
Ceramic HeaterMost Advanced Far Infrared Ionic Heat
Tourmaline, Titanium Oxide & Silver InfusedPure Tourmaline Crystals Add Antibacterial Ions and Shine
Warranty2 Years

Quick Facts:
WattageProprietary Design Allows for Equivalent Operation of 2300 Watts
Low EMFEnvironmentally Safe
Motor LifeLongest in Industry
Cord Type12' Extra Long, ALCI safety plug

As mentioned above, the hair dryer comes with 2 speeds. They are both quite fast. In fact, the slower speed seems more like a high-speed as opposed to a slow. There are 3 heat settings. The lower 2 offer cooler air and I used the highest heat setting to dry my hair more quickly (with other dryers such as the T3 Tourmaline I usually use lower or middle heat). It almost seemed as if cool air was coming out along with the hot air - not sure if this is a feature to add shine or act as an extra protectant. The cool shot button can also be locked which I really liked because I find it annoying to hold that button down while setting my style, which most hair dryers require you to do. The HANAair definitely helped to add shine to my hair and also my hair felt extremely soft. The cord is also nice and long.

While there are many pros for the HANAair, I have a few cons to mention. First of all, the weight is a bit heavy. Please note that I've previously been using the T3 Tourmaline Evolution dryer ( also offers this on-sale at 37% off!) which is know for being extremely lightweight. Also, the 2 speeds are pretty intense. The lower speed seems more like an average hair dryer's high speed. It tangled my hair a bit until I used the included concentrator attachment and a round brush. Using the concentrator attachment and a round brush, this dryer made my hair silky, smooth, and shiny.

I think the HANAair is a great professional hair dryer as its high speeds, quick drying time, and heat settings help to create perfectly styled shiny hair. I would definitely recommend this hair dryer (although if you have hair that tends to tangle easily you may have to take extra care). Thanks again!

P.S. Currently is offering free shipping on orders over $50 and and $10 off orders over $100!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Some shots I styled for Let me know what you think!