Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Grey Day

I just ordered MOST of this outfit online at I left the shoes and jeans (which would prob look better in black with this outfit) out of my order because you never know how they'll fit from 21 without trying them on first. It's usually pretty wise to try on most items from 21 before purchasing. I couldn't resist the sweater and bag though. Bonus, the bag was on sale! I also went ahead and ordered the thick grey headband I featured in the post below. Couldn't resist. I've been in love with the color grey recently. It is such a cool alternative to black. Hope you all had a good weekend. Two-day work week coming up! Yay!

(Forever21: V-neck Batwing Sweater $24.80, Lindsey Skinny Jean $12.50, Carson Ankle Boots $29.80, Two Pocket Metallic Purse $6.99!!)

1 comment:

Unwise Pedestrian said...

I love that top! Slouchy fits are always super comfy and super chic.